Manicure i Pedicure
For hand and foot care we use the products of renowned brands: Pedibaehr, Baehr, O.P.I, Salco, Thalgo, Mollon. Treatments are fully safe, professionally done by a specialist.


Hand care:

Manicured hands are a very important element of beauty. Professionally made manicure will give each hand a healthy, beautiful appearance.


Classic Manicure:

-shaping the nails
-skin removal
-align and polish the nail plate
-conditioner, cream

Manicure Spa:

-shaping the nails
-skin removal
-align and polish the nail plate
-salty scrub
-creamy mask/warm parrafine mask


Foot Care:
Well-kept feet provide good health and well-being. They should be cherished throughout the year, regardless of the weather. A very comfortable pedicure chair guarantees comfort and relaxation during the procedure. From the windows there is a unique view - St. Mary's Church in all its splendor.

Classic pedicure:

-foot bath with aromatic salt
-skin removal
-milling feet (removing keratosis)


Pedicure Spa:

-foot bath with aromatic salt
-skin removal
-milling feet (removing keratosis)
-creamy mask/warm parrafine bath



65 PLN

Manicure Opi color

75 PLN

Manicure French

80 PLN

Manicure with conditioner

70 PLN

Manicure z parafine mask

90 PLN

Manicure Spa

90 PLN

Manicure Monophase

85 PLN

Manicure Gel Color Opi

109 PLN

Manicure Gel Color French

115 PLN


20 PLN

Color French

25 PLN

Color Monophase

35 PLN

Color Gel Color Opi

50 PLN

Gel Color French

59 PLN



Removing Gel Color Opi

30-40 PLN


109 PLN

Pedicure Opi

119 PLN

Pedicure French

125 PLN

Pedicure Monophase

135 PLN

Pedicure with conditioner

110 PLN

Pediure Spa

160 PLN

Pedicure Gel color

149 PLN

Pedicure with parafine mask

160 PLN



IBX - the system for nail reconstruction

IBX is an innovative product which visibly strengthens your nail plate thanks to its deep penetration.
IBX system is a help for weak and destroyed nails, ideal to be used before nail stylization and as a treatment which helps natural nails to grow. The additional advantage of the product is that it removes white spots on nails, enhances their colour, fills grooves making your nails smooth and shiny. It is used in the destroyed area, especially in cases of cracks, splitting and peeling of nail plates. The system creates protective layer on nails and makes them grow longer and more beautiful.

40 for the treatment

29 as an addition to manicure and pedicure








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