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Merveille Arctique Body Ritual


Merveille Arctique is based on ancestral nordic rituals to relax the body and release tension. Regenerating, refreshing and relaxing treatment. Extremely soft, almost fluffy notes bring to mind powder snow to create the perfect atmosphere for blissful rest and relaxation. It improves blood circulation and aptly combines swedish massage with the original Relaxing Massage Balls to relieve tension, remove stress and balance the body. This innovative body ritual includes salt flake scrub with unique formula (Boreal Algae, Salt Trio) which leaves the skin incomparably soft. Arctic massage oil and its formula (Boreal Algae, Iceland Moss, Vitamine E, Vegetable Oil Duo - grape  seed and sunflower seed oils) containing vegetable oil blends with the skin and creates protective film. And it's all to create a stunning sensory experience inspired of Nordic treatments.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 280pln



Thalgo company has developed new, more effective formulas from Indoceane line, so as to make the journey through the Far East even more sensual and relaxing. It is an extraordinary,  sensational trip to the realm of relaxation and beauty, through which you will get to know the philosophy of China, Egypt, the Mediterranean area and Indies, and your body will reach a state of complete relaxation. The ritual is recommended for stressed people who need to unwind and improve their mood. The basic ingredients of the line are Qi-Marine (extract of brown algae Pinnatifida) and lotus which has a remarkable ability to revitalize and reduce stress.


Indoceane journey starts with a peeling of the whole body. It is a very oriental Mediterranean ritual taken from a purifying hammam tradition, i.e. Iranian steam bath. Brown sugar, sea salt and aromatherapy oils mixes altogether  make a perfect form of peeling. Luxurious and nourishing, it leaves your skin feeling velvet smooth and silky soft.


The next stage of this revitalizing journey is a stop in India – the land of Ayurveda. Massage is the basis during this ritual.  Firstly, Qi-Balm oil will be put on energy centres, followed by Luxurious Massage Oil, rich in concentrated oils. The most pleasant moments during this continental journey are provided by the massage inspired by Ayurveda, which frees your body and mind from tensions. The massage brings back harmonious energy flow inside your body, provides you with deep relaxation, eliminates stress and negative emotions, supports the body in pursuit for regaining the lost inner balance, has energizing and regenerating functions and speeds up the process of clearing the organism from toxins.


Continuing our journey, we get to China, where theatre stands for the stage of beauty and relaxation. Your whole body is covered with Silky Smooth Body Wrap, which is great for regenerating, nourishing, moisturizing and smoothening of skin. Delicate powder like smell of the mask intensifies its soothing and relaxing properties. Your skin becomes delicate and velvet.


The treatment is perfect for those who are tired, stressed with little elastic and malnourished skin.
The aim of this treatment is: relaxation, bringing back good mood, nourishing, moisturizing, smoothing and deep-regeneration of skin.


Duration: 90min
Price: 350pln




Gold & Pearls Body Ceremony

A holistic ceremony full of precious ingredients, designed for connoisseurs seeking extraordinary, luxurious treatments and unique beautifying formulas. A precious combination of gold, pearls and champagne which is the key to preserve young appearance, velvet and bright skin. Caviar is never-ending wealth of vitamins A, B and D, trace elements and amino acids and is the key ingredient intensifying the regeneration of cells. Gold stimulates elastin and collagen and deeply nourishes.  Pearls are an ingredient reducing wrinkles and illuminating skin. Champagne extract provides good mood and lets you enjoy the luxury.  It is a 3-stage treatment: a divine peeling tempting with gold flakes and amber particles  which smoothens your skin and brings back the feeling of mellowness. The feeling of subtle delight is provided by a relaxing massage reinforcing the feeling of easefulness and muscles relaxation. Finally, we apply a golden mask of Goddess.  After the treatment the skin is noticeably rejuvenated, toned and beams with gold and pearl flakes. Both, body and mind get the feeling of luxury and relaxation.


Duration: 90min
Price: 270pln




Yummy Mummy Ceremony

A relaxing-nourishing ceremony for dry skin, but recommended also for pregnant or feeding women. A beneficial combination of delicate, exotic exfoliation based on sea salt, lotus seeds powder and refreshing fruit extracts, a relaxing massage and a beautifying coconut mask. The treatment improves skin condition, preparing your skin for the changes experienced during pregnancy. Both, a special massage technique and a safe position, relax the muscles of burdened body parts, decrease tension, but also remove swelling on legs and strengthen skin, preventing the creation of stretch marks. The treatment makes your skin flexible, giving it extreme smoothness and exotic scent of coconut and tropic fruit help you in soothing.

Duration: 90min
Price: 240pln




Glamour Body Ceremony

An exceptional ceremony for your whole body, which task is to relax and improve the condition of your skin. The treatment guarantees an effective nurturing therapy thanks to its extended composition of components. The ceremony starts with body peeling – pistachio scrub based on pistachio, almond and jojoba oils. It cleans and smoothens your skin effectively. The next stage is a relaxing massage of the body based on natural oil. After that, we cover your body with the mask having illuminating and skin softening properties. The last stage is rubbing intensive anti-aging cream.


Duration: 90min
Price: 240pln

Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Dessert treatment has been created in order to provide you pleasure. It is a pampering session for body and mind. During the treatment we use real chocolate, which improves flexibility of our body, cleans the skin from toxins and slows down aging processes in our body. We start with chocolate - sugary body peeling, which thoroughly cleans the skin and prepares it to further treatments. Next, we massage liquid, dark warm chocolate into the whole body. After half an hour we cleanse it and do a relaxing massage with the use of chocolate butter.  We recommend this treatment for tired and stressed people who would like to regain vital powers as well as have a wonderfully nourished skin.


Duration: 90min
Price: 260pln




Mer & Sens

A treatment with the use of warm and cold stones. For all those who are in need of spiritual and physical balance, who want to free from stress, relax and regenerate their strength. During the treatment we use 42 special basalt stones of volcanic origin (warm), which are round and fit hands perfectly and 2 marine stones rich in sea minerals. The stones are warmed up in a special heater. Mer & Sens body treatment consists of two stages: a scrub using a preparation based on algae and sea salt and a massage with the use of stones and relaxing aromatic oil – Aromaceane Massage Oil. The treatment influences energy centres called chakras, helps to do away with tension and stress, has a calming and relaxing properties, enhances nourishment of skin, increases blood flow through muscles, facilitates penetration of nourishing substances and leads to a more efficient excretion of metabolic rate products.


Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 310pln


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