Face care

PQ Age - medical peeling


PQ Age is an innovative, lifting and revitalizing treatment designed to regenerate tissues, remove imperfections and treat sensitive and delicate skin. PQ Age is a medical product that contains a blend of trichloroacetic acid, coenzyme Q10 and kojic acid, which guarantees deep skin stimulation, resulting in noticeable improvement in skin firmness and tension without the risk of discoloration. The treatment is also applicable for revitalization of neck and cleavage, thighs, arms and breasts, stretch marks, acne, new scars and skin discoloration. It is safe and can be used all year round.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 350pln


Thalgolift -  face massage


With time passing by and daily stress your skin starts to lose its elasticity as a result of hormones shortage. In cooperation with a plastic surgeon, one and only massage on face muscles has been created. The effect is the recovery of natural density and perfect skin look. After the massage you can experience noticeable tensity of muscles fibres. It leads to a perfect replacement in muscles (nutrients and oxygen). The skin is firmer and the face oval becomes more regular.


Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 130pln


Relaxing face and cleavage massage

This massage has relaxing and stimulating properties. It is based on sea nectar combined with massage cream. Performed regularly at a beauty spa it ameliorates your face oval, smoothens wrinkles and removes the tension of muscles. After such a massage your skin feels relaxed; the massage is a perfect way to start a day….or to finish it.


Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 90pln

Full cleansing treatment

One of the  most popular skin care treatments. It is suitable for all skin types. It is prepared in order to get rid of dead epidermis, blackhead and sebum excess. During the treatment we use Thalgo cosmetics which have  peeling, plumping and pore closing functions as well as a soothing one after the manual cleansing. We recommend doing the treatment twice a year, after the summer and winter season. It can be combined with f.ex. microdermabrasion or acids.

The treatment includes: enzymatic peeling, vapozon, manual cleansing, darsonvalization, serum, silencing mask and algal mask.


Duration: 60-90 minutes
Price: 200pln with a silencing mask / 220pln with algae masks

Purifying treatment of the back

Enzymatic peeling, manual cleansing of the skin, darsonvalization, serum, silencing mask

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 200-250pln

Assisting treatments to be integrated with Mariacki Spa treatment

Manual cleansing: 50pln
Microdermabrasion: 80pln
Mandelic/azelaic acid: 100pln
Ferulic acid: 120pln
Lips and eyes argipeel: 60pln

Hyaluronic under-eye patches: 40pln
Algae mask: 60pln
Radiance accompaniment: 50pln
Resveraderm accompaniment: 50pln
Anti-acne accompaniment: 50pln
Cavitation: 40pln
D'Arsonval: 20pln







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