Microdermabrasion is a safe non-invasive treatment. It is ideal for any age and any skin condition. It is done on faces mainly, but can also be done on cleavage, back and shoulders. Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for rejuvenating skin, which does not exclude you from everyday activities.


During the treatment we use a device called M1 Derma Genesis Microdermabrasion with Plug -n- Peel. The system lets us do both crystal and non-crystal microdermabrasion.


We use disposable tips for Bio-Barrier head. The structure of the tip eliminates the risk of passing viral or bacterial impurities.


We recommend microdermabrasion in order to minimise:
- thin lines and wrinkles
- after-sun injuries of the skin
- acne
- blackheads
- surface senile spots
- discoloration
- post-acne marks and other roughness on skin layer


The treatment is done with the use of a tip, which is moved over the skin several times. Its effect is even removal of stratum corneum layer i.e. internal skin layer.  As a result of  abrasion and the use of vacuum, the stimulation of deeper skin layers takes place. It leads to the increase of collagen and elastin production and, as the final result, to the improvement of skin condition. The improvement is to be seen immediate after the first treatment, however, to get long-term effects, we recommend doing the series of them.


We also offer diamond microdermabrasion


This method consists of mechanical desquamation of the epidermis layer after layer. Removal – abrasion of further layers is done with the use of a special device equipped with abrasive tips covered with natural diamond crystals.


Treatment for face  with serum and algae mask
220PLN  (package of 2 treatments 400PLN, 3 treatments 540PLN, 4 treatments  680PLN)


Treatment for face and neck  with serum and algae mask
240PLN ( package of 4 treatments  820PLN)


Treatment for face, neck and cleavage with  serum and algae mask
290PLN ( package of 4 treatments  990PLN)


Cleavage: 100PLN

Shoulders: 150PLN

Forearms: 150PLN

Hands: 100PLN

Buttocks: 180 - 240PLN

Thighs: 240 - 300PLN

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