Thalgo face treatment

Brightening Lumiere Marine Treatment


Illuminating and rejuvenating treatment based on the Clear Expert Complex, which restores the natural radiance and brightness of the skin, helps to reduce or eliminate discoloration. Its brightening and rejuvenating effect is due to the provitamin C included in its composition. It actively influences sun discoloration caused by hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy or using contraceptive pills.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 350pln




Illuminating Radiance Facial Treatment 


Express beutyfyig treatment. A moisturizing and nourushing treatment for any skin type whose purpose is to provide a skin with a radiant and healthy condition. The rich and skincomposition of Thalgo cosmetics goves your skin an immediate feeling of freshness and skin smoothening. It helps you to get rid of all tiredness symptoms really fast.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: 170pln



An intensive, moisturizing and energizing treatment for dry and tired skin. It is suitable for the problem with bags under eyes. Malnourished skin with a low level of lubrication results in a bad condition, looks unhealthy and quite often undesirable symptoms occur. These might be inter alia puffing up of lower eyelids, resulting in bags under eyes. The treatment helps with and amends microcirculation in blood and lymphatic vessels.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 170pln

Absolute Hydration Ritual

An amazingly hydrating-relaxing ritual, which fulfils the needs of every dehydrated skin. Taken from the depth of the ocean complex Seve Bleue provides the core of cells with abundance of mineral ingredients – micro and macro elements, minerals and trace elements. Combined with hyaluronic acid, Hydra – diffusine, Hyalurophyline and Lumisource it provides long-lasting hydration and stimulates natural detox process of your skin, ensuring fresh and radiant look.


Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 250pln



Marine Collagen Treatment

An intensive moisturizing treatment for “the first wrinkles” with the use of a mask saturated with high concentrate of dissolvable collagen. The treatment neutralizes the feeling of excessive tension, stimulates the production of new collagen fibres, makes small wrinkles, caused by overdrying, disappear immediately. The content of active ingredients (Native Marine Collagen Complex, soya glycopeptides, red algae Palmaria Palmata) makes your skin brightened up, perfectly moisturized and velvet smooth after only one treatment.


Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 290 pln


Silicium Marine Treatment

A luxurious rejuvenating-lifting treatment, which goes beyond classical cosmetology. After just one treatment your skin can look 5 years younger. Highly concentrated active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen, sea silicon, red Meristotheca Dakarensis and JaniaRubens algae) and innovative Derma-Slim Massage provide you with immediate lifting effect. During the treatment two masks are applied: collagen one with hyaluronic acid and Cryo-Modelling Mask. The treatment models face oval and flexes skin, makes wrinkles and small lines less deep, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The treatment is destined for floppy skin with visible wrinkles, in need of toning, nourishing and regeneration. Aim: the treatment’s aim is regenerating, smoothening and toning of the skin, filling in wrinkles and modelling face oval.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 350pln


Exeption Marine Redensifying Ritual

Exclusive rejuvenating and regenerating THALGO ritiual with a unique massage of face muscels created in cooperation with a plastic surgeon. Thalgolift massage is a real "manual lifting" which increases firmness and elasticity of skin and models the face contour. It is a combination of nice and effective moves- beauticians's hands become the relay of harmony and warmth - they sculpt, smoothen and model the contur of your face. The skin recuperates its natural density and perfect condition. The next stage is a heavenly relaxing massage based on a special cream - the magical composition of interlacing moves, leading from the back of your neck trough cleavage to arms so as to provide you with moments of ideally perfect feeling. The following stage is a masque from biological cellulose - a real treasury of active ingredients(hialuronic acid, AGE REVERSE complex) concentrated two hunddredfold as regards its quantity, so as to give your skinyoung and beautiful look. Wrinkles, sings of passing time and moods, become less visible, face feautures soften, skin becomes regenerated and revitalized thanks to awakening of cellular mechanism and your face beams with the feeling of deep relaxation. This extraordinary beauty treatment helps getting the effect of natural biological lifting. Finally, the time can be our ally.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 370pln

Renovation Radicale Treatment

A breakthrough treatment based on the innovative research of Thalgo laboratory based on cosmoceutics with a patented Mesolift complex. This intensive treatment from the esthetic medicine field helps to correct even the most serious skin imperfections to give you ideal skin. Thanks to Mesolift complex, combining 32 nourishing ingredients, hyaluronic acid and 1 nucleotide, it ensures smoothening of the skin structure, moisturizing its deeper layers, diminishing imperfections and eliminating pigmentation spots as well as post-inflammatory discolouration. Additionally, Neo-skin complex and Tatarol increase cells’ regeneration, limit sebum secretion and have a strong moisturizing effect. The treatment is dedicated to demanding skin in need of regeneration

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: 330pln


Prodige Des Oceanes – the first body and face anti-aging treatment


Prodige Des Oceanes is the force of 5 oceans and 7 massage techniques closed within 2-hour long exclusive ceremony. The treatment effectively enhances the look of skin – it smoothens, moisturizes, nourishes and diminishes wrinkles’ prominence by awakening collagen and elastin production. The power of elements (2 types of hyaluronic acid, adenosine, sea algae extract, ribose, Omega-3 acids, Regenerative Marine Intelligence) coming from sea water as well as oils and vegetable extracts help your skin regain its smoothness, elasticity, regular coloration and youthful look. The result of many years of work is this innovative treatment which helps to stop the time, youthfulness and beautiful skin.


Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 499pln


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