Sugar paste depilation

Hair removal sugar paste is a modern version of the substances, and also hair removal technique that is used by the women of the Middle East for centuries.

Ingredients Sugar paste hair removal is based on the ancient, Middle Eastern recipes. It is made exclusively from natural and does not contain any chemicals.

Depilatory sugar paste is removed from the skin in the direction of the hair growth. With the delicacy of this treatment, the paste can be applied several times for the same party of the skin. Completely removes hair, do not leave them broken inside the follicles.

Sugar Pastes Advantages:

A 100% natural product
Does not adhere to the body, which reduces the possible pain and irritation
Is applied to the hair and pull in the direction of growth, which prevents tear off hairs at the base, and reduces inflammation that can occur after waxing
Sugar paste is heated to body temperature, which does not burn and can be used in patients with capillaries
Recommended for hair removal the most delicate part of the body
We can enjoy smooth skin for longer than waxing or depilatory
Recommended for pregnant women


To complete depilation hair should be at least 5 mm
Before surgery, you should not oil the skin
Depilation repeat every 4-6 weeks



Upper lip: 30PLN

Chin: 35PLN

Upper lip + chin: 50PLN

Face: 70PLN

Armpits: 50PLN

Hands: 90PLN

Chest: 90-110PLN

Back: 100-130PLN

Buttocks: 80PLN

Bikini: 65PLN

Deep bikini: 95PLN

Calves: 100PLN

Thighs: 110PLN

Whole legs: 200PLN

Whole legs + bikini line: 240PLN


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